FitPro SmartHub - the go-to solution for gym owners looking to grow their membership base

Dominate your local area and see your club grow by using our systems and platform.

Find out how we can take the hassle of finding new members for your club off you so that you can spend time running your club.

" Phenomenal High Ticket Sales"

"300 leads in 3 weeks"

" Best marketing platform we have ever used"

" I filled my PT sessions in just 1 week"


Capture your perfect customers using our pre-built sales funnels and forms that are proven to convert. Plus, build your own unlimited sales funnels within our system and take your marketing to the next level.


With our pre-built automated follow up system you never have to worry about chasing up leads again. We give you the ability to automatically send SMS messages, Voicemails, emails, Facebook messenger and more!


Using our built-in tools you can book in appointments, set reminders, and sign up those members. Our complete CRM & sales pipeline ensures your sales team knows where their leads are in the sales process and can make those sales.

This is for you if...

  • You are a busy gym owner who wants a complete sales and marketing system.

  • You want to generate more members for your club with proven, built for you sales funnels.

  • You want an all-in-one solution so you can get rid of some of the software you are using.

  • You have tried other marketing agencies in the past but have had little results.

  • You want to dominate in your area and grow your club.

  • You need to be able to follow up with leads automatically without having to jump on the phone every time a lead comes in.

  • Your club membership system is great for managing your club but just doesn't deliver from a sales and marketing point of view.

" The service is above and beyond"

Take a look at some of the core features...

✅ Build forms and landing pages to capture leads.

✅ Convert leads with our automated workflows system.

✅ Converse with leads and customers in one place.

✅ Manage your prospect journey with the CRM system.

✅ Schedule appointments with our bookings and calendar system.

✅ Manage your reputation with our complete reputation management solution.

✅ Get more engagement from your customers with our website chat widget.

✅ Build membership courses and classes with our membership platform.

And more....

We give you 5 proven sales campaigns that can be used for your club straight away to get NEW members now .

These campaigns are all proven to convert and get leads to your club...There are also automatic follow ups for each campaign!

Reputation Management

Easily Get more 4 and 5-star reviews from your members.

Our easy-to-use reputation management system can get you 8 x more reviews than you are currently getting and can limit those pesky 1, 2 or 3-star reviews.

Did you know that 97% of ALL customers make a decision on who they do business with by looking at reviews.

Ask for referrals from your members on autopilot.

Our reputation management system helps you to easily ask your members for referrals in return for any offer you decide to give them. Simply fill out the details and the system takes care of the rest!

With Fitpro Smarthub you can replace ALL of these software solutions you may already be using...

  • Clickfunnels £97 per month

  • Mailchimp £17 per month

  • Activcampaign £149 per month

  • Wix & Wordpress £49 per month

  • Surveys and forms £49 per month

  • Calandly and booking system £19 per month

  • CRM £99 per month

  • Courses and membership £29 per month

  • Reputation management £95 per month

  • Linktree £5 per month


Our platform Includes...

Unlimited team members

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited sales funnels/website builds

Unlimited workflows

Unlimited course building

Proven to convert Emails/Funnels/workflows included

Our unique reputation, reviews, and referrals system